Prototyping Guidelines

Prototyping Guidelines For Unmeasured Formats

TAB has developed a set of guidelines describing how buyers can prototype audience estimates for unmeasured out of home media formats. These guidelines present a step-by-step process to estimate the audience delivery of media formats not yet measured by TAB. The prototyping guidelines are available by following this link.

Out of home buyers have expressed that a lack of audience measurement for certain media formats complicates the evaluation process and has been an obstacle to adopting the exclusive use of audience metrics. This issue is not unique to out of home; virtually all media are faced with assessing exposure to unmeasured vehicles. In these cases, prototyping the audience delivery of unmeasured media is normally done by each advertising agency under guidelines endorsed by its research department.

These prototyping guidelines have been reviewed by the TAB Technical Committee and allow buyers to generate estimates that are more comparable to measured out of home media, as well as the ratings of other media alternatives. It is important to stress that these prototyping guidelines apply to unmeasured media formats only and should not be applied to any media types where TAB already has measures established. Non-TAB members should be encouraged to join in order to provide you with actual TAB measures.


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