TAB's primary purpose is to deliver reliable, current, granular and standardized audience measurement for out of home media. This single-minded mission serves our membership, which includes general agencies, out of home specialists, advertisers and media sellers.

Now that TAB Out of Home Ratings has been unanimously voted the official currency for out of home measurement, more and more media thought leaders have endorsed the system's evolution and relevance.

We believe this collective voice of membership, representative of the advertising industry at large, is indicative of the widespread adoption TAB Out of Home Ratings is experiencing, and the renewed impact it will have on the out of home planning, buying and evaluation process.

These endorsers are not only our members, but also our peers. Many have been collaborative partners in the final development of TAB Out of Home Ratings, as well as how the system is expressed and implemented.

That is the strategic underpinning to TAB's core efforts: collaboration with all of our industry stakeholders, resulting in the most effective, quantitative and micro-targeted out of home ratings system.

Here are examples of what industry thought leaders are saying about the evolved TAB Out of Home Ratings system.

TAB has taken a giant step forward with its latest out of home ratings system. Through standardization, the medium has ratings measures comparable to other media. No more “box car” numbers. As a result, the improved proof of performance will allow us to integrate out of home more strategically and make the medium more accountable.”

- Alan Jurmain, Media Director Avrett Free & Ginsburg

“Out of Home has long been undervalued due to the lack of credible metrics. Now with TAB Ratings, we have valuable data that is bolstering confidence in the medium, attracting a broader, more diverse client base and positioning the industry for growth.”

- Dave Yacullo, President & CEO of Outdoor Media Group/ Outdoor Media Alliance


“The methodology behind TAB Ratings significantly exceeds the quality of research the out of home industry has used before. There is now a richness and depth equal to all other media. We can all use them with confidence.”

- David Shiffman, SVP Connections Research & Analytics, MediaVest

“We at Kinetic strongly endorse TAB Ratings because our clients demand accountability. It’s imperative that we have reliable audience metrics in order to effectively plan and buy media for our clients.”

- David Payne, CEO Americas, Kinetic Worldwide

“Posterscope USA requests TAB Ratings for all proposed media and strongly encourages operators to submit all sites for TAB auditing. We are committed to using the best metrics for strategically planning and evaluating out of home media for our clients. Posterscope USA supports the use of TAB Ratings for all measured media and for the transit media soon to be included.”

- Clare-Marie Harris Panno, SVP Director of Insights, Posterscope

“Since I grew up in the media business, I've been huge a supporter of out of home. I consistently look at the medium from all vantage points - strategically, tactically, proximity and retail driver, as well as virally. Now, with audience ratings that go deeper, I'm excited to plan out of home with associated metrics.”

- Cindy Lee Ransier, Media Director, The Phelps Group

“Out of home media is gaining new respect across many sectors. Precision placement, audience delivery at or near the point of purchase are all part of our new GeoTrak OOH Planning System. To have TAB Ratings makes it all come together and out of home a lot stronger media choice for our clients.”

- Howard Greiner, President and COO, Buntin Out of Home Media


“We are firm believers in TAB Ratings as traffic counts, travel surveys and visibility research bring legitimacy to the data. We can now report audiences that actually see out of home ads, which is a huge boost to our client recommendations. In a fragmented media world where other media ratings count people who may have seen an ad, TAB measures only those who’ve actually seen it. That’s a home run.”

- Matt Leible, CEO, Generation Outdoor

“As a long-term TAB board member and former chairman, I’m thrilled to see the positive changes TAB’s new ratings system is bringing to the out of home industry. The ratings are not only taking planning and buying to a new level, we are particularly excited about the opportunity to build better strategic partnerships between clients, agencies and out of home specialists.”

- Andrea MacDonald, President/CEO, MacDonald Media

“As current chairman of TAB, I’m 100% confident in the ratings system we’ve built. The team is working feverishly to expand measurement for different formats, such as transit and digital billboards. TAB is not resting on its laurels. The great deal of data that will soon be mined from our medium will dramatically benefit clients and consumers alike.”

- Jack Sullivan, SVP Out of Home Activation Director, Starcom

“I rigorously support what TAB is planning. Dentsu Media has always been a big fan of out of home. However, a more reliable and strategically based audience ratings system allows me to integrate OOH planning across all of our platforms.”

- Scott Daly, EVP Executive Media Director, Dentsu America





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