Case Studies

TAB Out of Home Ratings Sales Case Studies

TAB has been holding contests in which our member media sales representatives submit their success stories using TAB Out of Home Ratings in order to build a repository of real world examples of TAB ratings in action to be housed right here. These contests have been open to all TAB member media company sales representatives: from those who deal with a small number of local clients to those who manage large accounts with major agencies and advertisers.

Specifically, we've been looking for case studies that show how sales representatives are using TAB ratings to:
~ set goals and sell based on an audience rather than showing levels
~ prove assertions about the strengths of the medium
~ take ad share away from other media
~ expand the out of home budget past traditional levels
~ bring new advertisers into the medium
~ show how out of home can be used effectively in combination with other media

See these case studies below:

First Case Study Winners

Second Case Study Winners

Third Case Study Winners

Fourth Case Study Winners


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