The 2021 Midyear Annual Forecast To Be Released on June 14th! A message from Geopath


As announced previously, Geopath will be releasing a midyear annual forecast for the first time in the organization’s history on Monday, June 14th. Geopath is truly excited for the release of our midyear forecast and what the future holds for the data available to our members – and we hope the OOH industry is as well!

Since the release is a major milestone for both Geopath and the Out of Home industry, we want to ensure our members are updated on what to expect, and have developed a set of FAQs to help our members prepare for the coming release.

What is the midyear annual forecast?
Geopath’s 2021 forecast (released January 4th, 2021) was built upon expectations that were held at the end of 2020. The first was th...

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