Grocery Store Customers & Out of Home GeekOUT Friday Fast Fact


Over the past several months, the Geopath team has added new reports to the geekOUT Library, including a presentation on Grocery Store Consumers, and their media habits. This deck provides statistics sourced from the Simmons Spring 2020 NHCS Adult 12-month study. on customers for many of the major grocery store brands across the country.


For today’s Friday Fast Fact, we dive into this report to see how shoppers of different grocery store chains view OOH advertisements as well as other media.


First, let’s take a look at the supermarket chain Aldi, known for its low prices, and multitude of locations, with over 2,000 stores across the United States. According to Simmons, 79% of Aldi shoppers report noticing an OOH ad in the last 30 days – 14% more likely to do so than the total population! While Aldi shoppers report noticing OOH, they also report high levels of TV advertisement avoidance. According to Simmons, more than half of Aldi shoppers report they “avoid watching TV commercials!”

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