Friday Fast Fact | On This Day in History Sept. 16th


Some brands are so well established and recognized that their name has become synonymous with the product itself. For bandages, they’re often simply called Band-Aids.

Brian Schopper, Marketing Manager

For flavored gelatin, Jell-o. And in the world of making copies, the brand name Xerox is used conversationally the same way, sometimes even being used to describe the action itself – “I’ll Xerox that for you”.

Though their usage has declined as the world heads toward a more paperless future, photocopiers have been a staple of nearly every office setting for decades. First invented in Queens, NY by Chester Carlson in 1938, the photocopier was designed to make use of a dry printing technique called xerography. Previously, other copying techniques such as the cyanotype existed – however, the xerographic process was created by Carlson without the use of liquid chemical...

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