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Happy National Roller Coaster Day!


National Roller Coaster Day has been celebrated every year on August 16th since 1986.  And the out-of-home advertising industry should really be celebrating.


According to data from Kantar, “Amusement, Water and Theme Parks,” lowered their overall ad spend by 1.5% last year, decreasing spending on display ads, print, and cable TV.  Simultaneously, they increased their OOH spend by 12%.  The OOH spend represented in Kantar for 2018 is just under $40 Million.


People who have gone to an amusement park in the last 12 months are 9% more likely than the total population to say that they’ve noticed an OOH advertisement in the last 30 days, and 12% more likely to say they’ve noticed a billboard specifically.


While the peak of OOH ad spend happens during the summer months in the category, dollars are flowing throughout the year, and the peak is starting earlier every year.  Looks like 2019 may be a fun ride!


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