Member Spotlight: Whiteway Outdoor A conversation with David Levin, President of Whiteway Outdoor.


Tell us a little bit about Whiteway.

Whiteway Outdoor is an independent, third-generation, family-owned outdoor advertising and billboard company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by the big city and a visit to Times Square in the 1940s, our grandfather started Whiteway Outdoor with two lines of business – sign manufacturing and traditional outdoor advertising. Today we are proud to be operating as a true family owned business.

The business is run by our father Michael Levin (Chairman), while my sister, Leigh Nathan (Director of Sales) and myself, David Levin (President), oversee daily operations. Together we manage 15 locations, including 6 digital billboards, and an inventory capacity of 60-70 faces. We are Atlanta Proud and are grateful to have a wonderful relationship with local businesses as well as the city’s iconic leader for OOH creative, Delta Airlines.


How did you get into the out-of-home business?

Being that we are in the third generation, it was in our family blood. The shift from traditional billboards to digital has been very good to us. We are fortunate enough to have wonderfu...

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