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OOH and Voters

With political campaigns beginning to ramp up spending as the 2020 election approaches, for today’s Fast Fact, we thought we’d look at the relationship of voters, and OOH! When it comes to reaching potential voters, candidates should consider spending much more on OOH as part of their advertising mix, as “82% of those who have noticed an OOH advertisement in the past 30 days” are registered to vote! (Simmons Spring 2019 NHCS Adult Study 12-month)


Reaching the Political Audiences We Measure

Westerville, Ohio was the center of national attention this past Tuesday, as the 12 remaining Democratic candidates took the stage for the October Democratic debate. Many people around the country tuned in to learn more about these presidential hopefuls, however we would like to learn more about the audiences that live in the small suburb of Columbus in which the debate was held.


Utilizing our new Geopath Insights, we were able to analyze the OOH we currently measure in Westerville, and segment it into some interesting audiences. Take a look below.


The roadside invento...

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